The presumably still Eli Manning-led offense faces tough tasks against teams like the Bears, Jaguars and Panthers. Unless this team nails the draft and get an immediate spark from its new regime, wins in 2018 are difficult to spot. Record prediction: 6-10

Via, the rule-recommending body recommended against making the change by a vote of 6-2.

“I don’t think anything will happen on that,” Giants co-owner John Mara told reporters regarding the proposal ultimately made by the Jets. “I happen to be in the minority. I prefer the 15-yard penalty, but most people prefer [the current rule].”

Any rule change requires the approval of at least 24 of 32 owners. With 75 percent of the Competition Committee against it, it’s hard to imagine that 75 percent of ownership will be in favor of it.

And that’s good news. Of the many glitches the NFL needs to fix, this isn’t one of them.

Officials made the decision to transfer Smith because they believe he suffers from alcoholism after arriving at the police station and having a blood alcohol content of 0.40, per, which spoke with district attorney spokesperson Alex Bastian.

Smith has remained in custody since his arrest last week and is being held on a $500,000 bond. Multiple reports indicated Smith was arrested for violating conditions of his bail.

Smith was arraigned earlier this month on three charges of violating a protective order stemming from a March 3 incident with his fiancée in which he was accused of beating her and biting her on her wrists. He failed to make a court appearance after turning himself in on March 23.

Smith, 28, was cut by the Raiders last month after details of the domestic violence incident emerged. He has not played in the NFL since the 2015 season.

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