Players report for the start of the offseason workout program Monday and C.J. Anderson is still a Denver Broncos running back.

Despite knowing he was on the trading block last month, Anderson will report for the Broncos’ 8 a.m. team meeting and extensive physical exams on Monday.

“Just focus on me,’’ Anderson said in an interview with 9NEWS. “Use it as motivation. But I’m going to focus on myself. I still have a job. Try to help my team win games. But at the end of the day, getting shopped around or rumors I was getting traded, I’m going to use it as motivation to show the organization I can still play at a high level.’’

The Patriots look good at four offensive line positions, but they currently have no good ways to replace left tackle Nate Solder at the most important position. They used a first-rounder on Solder as Matt Light’s replacement seven years ago. Based on where they are picking now, a little earlier thanks to the surprise Brandin Cooks trade, Miller is a viable solution.

At this point, Allen is a victim of hype. Last season, he averaged 6.7 yards per attempt and completed only over 56 percent of his passes. That isn’t good. Allen has talent, sure — arm strength ain’t nothing to sneeze at and he quietly does things well outside the pocket. But the accuracy just isn’t there. Neither is the pocket presence. Maybe both will be one day, but right now, Allen is a third-round talent masquerading as a top-three pick for no clear reason. Blame his teammates at Wyoming all you want, but if you’re picking a franchise quarterback out of the Mountain West, he better have torched competition all year long. Allen was a slightly above-average quarterback who took his team to the Potato Bowl and destroyed Central Michigan. Let’s slow down the hype train.

Harold Landry, edge rusher, Boston College

If he stays healthy, Landry should not be a bust. He’s a superbly talented pass rusher who could change an entire defense if he hits his ceiling. But as far as likelihood goes, Landry has to be on this list because an ankle injury clearly affected him last season. His numbers fell badly, dropping from 16.5 sacks and 22 tackles for loss in 2016 to five sacks and 8.5 TFLs.

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